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Aer Conditionat DUCT Mitsubishi Electric, Zubadan, PEAD-M100JA / PUHZ-SHW112VHA 220V Inverter 36000 BTU/h

Aparat de aer conditionat Duct (de tubulatura) Mitsubishi Electric

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cod: PEAD-M100JA / PUHZ-SHW112VHA   Garantie: 36 Luni
26.215 lei
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Informatii suplimentare si pareri Aer Conditionat DUCT Mitsubishi Electric, Zubadan, PEAD-M100JA / PUHZ-SHW112VHA 220V Inverter 36000 BTU/h


Daikin Stylish

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Daikin Stylish FTXA-RXA White - aparat de aer conditionat - unitatea interna




Energy efficiency has been improved. A reduced electricity consumption contributes to a further reduction in operating cost.

The thin body with a wide-ranged external static pressure of this series is the perfect answer for the air conditioning needs of buildings with minimum ceiling installation space.

Daikin Stylish



Aparat aer conditionat - Daikin Stylish FTXA-RXA - design interior




The ZUBADAN Series incorporates an original Flash Injection technology that improves the already high heating capacity of the system.



This new member of the series line-up ensures comfortable heat pump-driven heating performance in cold regions.




Compact Indoor Units


The height of the models from 35-140 has been unified to 250 mm, which makes installation in low ceiling with minimal clearance space possible.

Selectable Static Pressure Levels

External static pressure conversion can be set up to five levels. Capable of being set to a maximum of 150 Pa, units are applicable to a wide range of building types.


Daikin Stylish FTXA-RXA White - vedere laterala, de sus si de jos

Drain Pump is Optionally Selectable

 The line-up consists of two types: models with or without a built-in drain pump, thus allowing more freedom in piping design.


Connectable to Plasma Quad Connect

The optional Plasma Quad Connect MAC-100FT-E can be installed on the indoor unit's air inlet side. For installation, PQ attachment or PQ box is required.

 Daikin Stylish - 4 versiuni cromatice




Producator Mitsubishi Electric
Capacitate nominala 36000 BTU/h
Clasa energetica racire A
Garantie 36 Luni
Regim de functionare [min ... max] -25 ... +46 gr C
Suprafata acoperita 75 ... 120 mp


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