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Pompa de Caldura Aer Apa Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan ECODAN PUHZ-SHW112VHA / ERSC-VM2D 11.2 kW 230V

Pompa de caldura Aer Apa Mitsubishi Electric

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cod: PUHZ-SHW112VHA / ERSC-VM2D   Garantie: 36 Luni
38.516 lei
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The ZUBADAN Series incorporates an original Flash Injection technology that improves the already high heating capacity of the system. This new member of the series line-up ensures comfortable heat pump-driven heating performance in cold regions.


Improved Heating Performance

Mitsubishi Electric’s unique “Flash Injection” circuit achieves remarkably high heating performance. This technology has resulted in an excellent heating capacity rating in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C, and the guaranteed heating operation range of the heating mode has been extended to -25°C. Accordingly, the heat-pump units of the ZUBADAN Series are perfect for warming homes in the coldest of regions.


Enhanced Comfort

The Flash Injection circuit improves start-up and recover from the defrosting operation. A newly introduced defrost operation control also improves defrost frequency. These features enable the temperature to reach the set temperature more quickly, and contribute to maintaining it at the desired setting.


ZUBADAN Defrost Control and Faster Recovery from Defrost Operation


Hydrobox for Ecodan ATW Hydronic and Split Units

Aparat aer conditionat - Daikin Stylish FTXA-RXA - design interior



The Hydrobox is primarily used for space heating in the form of underfloor and/or radiators. A small footprint and a similar size to combi boilers, they are a highly adaptable solution for retrofit and new builds. Whether connecting the packaged or split unit, only two pipes are connected to supply the unit just like the cylinder. Hydraulic components are included with Flow Temperature Control and the split type model features the heat exchanger built into the Hydrobox. SD card commissioning and energy monitoring are included. For systems where a third party cylinder is to be installed, a three-way valve can be added to the system and connected to the Flow Temperature Controller.
Key Features
• Simple graphical control
• Optional 2-Zone Space Heating Control
• Floor Dry-Up Mode
• Pre-plumbed and wired for faster installation
• SD card commissioning
• Energy monitoring as standard
• Compatible with home automation via Modbus
• BMS compatible


Producator Mitsubishi Electric
Tip produs Splitat Incalzire
Tensiune alimentare 230 V
Garantie 36 Luni
Sarcina Termica 10 ... 13 kW
Suprafata acoperita PDC 120 ... 150 mp


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